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Resourced Provision Consultation

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Consultation on changes to the Speech and Language Resourced Provision from September 2021

Unsworth has a 14 place Resourced Provision on site to support pupils across Bury who have Speech, Language and Communication needs. The provision has been a part of Unsworth for over 30 years and ensures that children have access to specialist teaching and weekly Speech Therapy sessions delivered on site. Within Bury there are a number of other primary schools that also currently have Resourced Provisions. Since the Local Authority Special Educational Needs Ofsted in 2017 and revisit in 2019, Bury has been reviewing its approach to SEND and last year a review of Resourced Provisions was undertaken. As part of the review, Bury identified that more capacity was needed to support pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition and children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs.

Unsworth has been asked by the Local Authority to widen the scope of the children who form part of the Resourced Provision to cater for a wider range of communication needs. This would be done through developing a new pathway for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition, alongside the current pathway for pupils with Speech and Language needs. For Unsworth, this would mean that the provision would continue to have the same number of places, but would cater for a wider range of pupils. For us as a school, this is a great opportunity for us to continue to build on the work we do to support all our pupils and would further increase the expertise of our staff. The provision for current pupils within our Resourced Provision will not change.  

A 4 week consultation period running from Friday 21st May to Friday 18th June has been started, during which anyone with a view on the change can write to the governing body to inform them. Once the consultation period has closed governors will meet to consider all the responses before making a final decision on any changes. All responses must be received by 12pm on Friday 18th June.

Should you wish to express an opinion about the proposed changes, please write to:

The Chair of Governors

Unsworth Primary School

Blackley Close

Bury BL9 9SH