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Geography - Whole School Enquiry - Fieldwork

Monday 4th April 2016

During Spring 2016 our whole school geography enquiry took place across 2 weeks. The focus of the enquiry was on fieldwork skills as outlined in the National Curriculum, so that children could develop...

Science - Enquiry - Why do people like to investigate?

Monday 5th October 2015

During the autumn term 2015 our whole school enquiry had a science focus with a particular emphasis on working scientifically. As a school we wanted to develop our children’s ability to carry ou...

PE - Whole School Enquiry - Dance

Monday 6th April 2015

How has the ‘school dance’ changed in 50 years?

Over two weeks, staff, children and parents worked together with students from Bury College to co...

D&T - Whole School Enquiry - Textiles

Monday 15th September 2014

This whole school art and design enquiry was focused on textiles, as it was identified by the school Arts Task Team as an area where more work could be done to develop the progression of textile skill...