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D&T - Whole School Enquiry - Inventions

Monday 3rd April 2017

The Curious Minds of Unsworth’s Young Inventors

During March 2017 we held a two week Design & Technology whole school enquiry that all children from Reception to Year 6 took part in. The idea behind the enquiry was to take inspiration from Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace in 1851, where people were given the opportunity to see exhibits from around Britain and the wider world. We wanted our children to put on their own “Great Exhibition”, so they were given the challenge to invent something to display in “The Great Unsworth Exhibition”, which took place on the 16th March. On this page you can find out more about the exhibition and what the children produced.

The aim of this enquiry is for children to:

  • Understand what the Great Exhibition was and how it showcased British inventions as well as inventions from around the world.
  • Understand what an invention is and develop their own based around a specific D&T skill area from the construction or sheet materials part of the long term plan.
  • Understand how to design, develop a prototype and then a final piece which is evaluated.
  • Develop technical knowledge through undertaking small practical tasks.
  • Contribute to a group or individual invention.

Watch Our Videos

Short Trailer about the Final Exhibition