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Science - Enquiry - Why do people like to investigate?

Why do people like to investigate?

Our whole school enquiry had a science focus with a particular emphasis on working scientifically. As a school we wanted to develop our children’s ability to carry out and record an investigation, by providing them with a structure appropriate for their age and stage that would allow them to record their findings and share what they had learnt.

Across two weeks, the children were introduced to what investigating means and had the opportunity to carry out their own investigations. A whole school assembly introduced the enquiry by looking at key scientists and what their discoveries were.

The aim of the enquiry was for children to:

  • Know and understand how to record a science investigation.
  • Know scientific vocabulary and generic phrases that can be used to help explain their ideas.
  • Know and understand how they can build on investigation skills from the previous year.
  • Develop their working scientifically skills.
  • Experience aspects of the Science route map.
  • Understand investigating involves concluding and reflecting.
  • Develop their skills in making conclusions.
  • Know there are three different types of sciences.
  • Carry out a least one full investigation, which will be recorded fully.
  • Contribute to a movie trailer, which showcases their ‘Love of Investigating’ and some of the investigating that they have done.

The culmination of this enquiry was the creation of an iMovie trailer where children shared their ‘Love of Investigating’ and some of the investigating that had taken place in their year group.

Below you can find out about the work done by each class.

See our Year Group videos!


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