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What is a Whole School Enquiry?

Monday 6th July 2020

What is it?

It is a whole school curriculum devised by individual class teachers, based on the relevant skills that need to be taught to a specific year group and children’s own interests. It makes use of the new national curriculum and individual subject skill progression ladders, to ensure children are taught a broad range of skills across subjects. It is a curriculum that encourages children to find answers for themselves through collaboration with their peers.

The school’s writing and computing curriculum are weaved throughout each enquiry to ensure all children know the audience and/or purpose for their work. In addition to this opportunities for LOTC (Learning Outside the Classroom) are linked to each enquiry. Across the year three whole school enquiries are undertaken, each focusing on a subject from the Arts (Art, Music or D&T), Sciences (Science, P.E or Computing)  or Humanities (R.E, History or Geography), with a view to also include national or global events.

How is it planned?

An enquiry question is created for children to investigate with a wow entry (a starting lesson that sparks curiosity) and a clearly defined exit point (this might be a visit, exhibition of work, performance etc). Relevant skills to be taught are identified and linked to opportunities for writing, computing and the use of talk skills. Teachers plan a sequence of lessons that form the enquiry and focus on:

  • Initial knowledge harvesting
  • Pupil research
  • Practical tasks to develop skills
  • An end product for the target audience (For example: a piece of writing, a project, an exhibition, a performance etc)

How long does an enquiry last?

Depending on the enquiry it could last from two to four weeks. Most enquiries will be 2-3 weeks

What about subjects that don’t fit in with an enquiry?

PE will be taught to children twice a week and RE will be taught weekly in line with the Bury agreed syllabus.