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Remote Learning

Remote learning, also referred to as distance learning, gives pupils who aren’t in a physical location for in-person education, access to online materials. At Unsworth we aim to ensure that our pupils have access to a range of different resources to support their remote learning which includes:

  • Parent Hub-our digital communications app which provides a class channel for information to be shared which includes attachments such as pictures and PDF's with the function to also allow school to send direct messages.
  • Active Learn-our core maths and reading digital tool where children can access all their Power Maths resources and Bug Club reading books/quizzes.
  • Microsoft Teams-our virtual classrooms where children can submit assignments, take part in organised virtual lessons, contribute to shared projects and  download useful materials.
  • Physical packs-learning packs created by staff in school that can be picked up to be used at home. These may include text books, recording books, copied sheets and other resources personalised to a particular child.
  • Tapestry-our observation app where staff and parents can create observations and share feedback.


What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a learning platform created by Microsoft, which allows users to collaborate virtually. Within Unsworth, all staff use Teams to communicate and when needed assemblies are run virtually through Teams.  A Microsoft Teams classroom has been set up for each class in school, so that a virtual classroom is always available to pupils and staff.

Each child has their own login details for their Microsoft Teams account. They will use this to access their online classroom in order to see the work that has been allocated to them, or the task the teacher wishes them to complete. Once a child has used their login details, they will be able to become part of their online classroom.

A learning Platform provides a safe virtual environment for pupils to learn alongside their peers virtually. Through the platform they can access online content, take part in virtual lessons, collaborate on shared projects, hand in assignments and download useful resources.

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded from the app/play store or by clicking here. A child will use their username and password to login. On the first occasion they will have to set a new memorable password and a parent will need to help them to authenticate their account by linking it to a parents mobile number/email, so that parents can reset passwords themselves.

How is remote learning organised?

When an individual, group or entire class need to self isolate for a period of time, our remote learning offer is established. 

Step 1-Class teachers use Parent Hub to set out an overview of the work streams that will be established:

  • Maths units from the school Power Maths Scheme will be set with accompanying text book/work book pages, interactive games  and linked resources which are all accessible through Active learn. Class teachers will indicate which units and pages to work on and will allocate them within the system.
  • English sessions will use the "Take 5" resources to provide a daily focused task linked to the given book extracts and images. This resource will be sent to parents as an attachment on Parent Hub.
  • Reading books will be allocated within Active learn for children to access and comprehension questions can be completed. These books form part of each individual child's online library, so books can be revisited for pleasure.
  • Assignments will be set within the Microsoft Teams Platform for the period of self isolation with due dates for children to complete and submit. Class teachers will provide individual feedback on work submitted.
  • At least one daily interactive session will be scheduled within Microsoft Teams and will appear within a child's own calendar so parents are clear on when live sessions are taking place.

Step 2-Physical learning packs will be created for individual pupils with specific needs or for an entire class. These packs will include CPG work books and exercise books for recording. These packs should be collected from school following a notification message from the school office. Where families are unable to collect packs due to their circumstances, packs will be delivered.

Step 3-Class teachers will monitor the submission of work through Microsoft Teams and the school Tapestry app. In addition they will keep a record of attendance at virtual sessions. This will be reported  to the Head teacher and contact will be made with families to "check in" where we have not had engagement with the remote learning tasks that have been set.

Step 4-Following  a period of self isolation or lockdown, a simple survey or questionnaire will be provided to parents to reflect on the remote learning provision provided to enable the school to further shape and develop the offer for pupils.

What are the best ways to support remote learning?

  1. Develop a daily routine which may mirror the usual timing of the school day.
  2. Choose from the different materials offered to find the best way of working for individual circumstances.
  3. Get in touch with school for support to organise learning at home, as class teachers will be able to help with putting a timetable together or making suggestions about ways to undertake learning tasks.
  4. Focus on small inputs with your child and provide time for them to have a go independently.
  5. Remember that home learning is not like school and spending time one to one compared to being in a class of 30 means that your child will benefit from personal support.
  6.  Let school know if you have any difficulty with accessing digital materials, if you have difficulty accessing the Internet or do not have a device to use at home.