Values and Ethos

Values and Ethos

We are very pleased to welcome you and your family to our school. Through the information you will read on this website we hope to give you an understanding of Unsworth Primary School, which converted to academy status on 1st April 2019 as a founding member of Oak Learning Partnership.

Unsworth Primary is often described by others as a “family school”. We believe that by developing an understanding of themselves and a respect for others our children are better equipped to achieve their personal best as individuals.

Our Mission Statement and school aims outline the vision we have of education and the principles we work towards.

We aim to equip our children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes which will allow them to develop a joy in learning and confidence in themselves that they can take with them in the future.

Our school motto “Together We Build Understanding” highlights our approach at Unsworth Primary School. This is further evident in our 5 community chosen values of Happiness, Honesty, Friendship, Respect and Learning. We regard parents as crucially important partners and look forward to working closely with you for the benefit of your child.

Thank you for visiting us.

Andrew Rhodes


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  1. Happy Parent

    I would just like to say a big thank you to all at Unsworth Primary School for a great Infant Production.

    Well Done to all the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, especially the two soloists.

    Super Stars!

  2. Nicola Strapps

    Loving the atmosphere and the information shared at the reception welcome evening. Many thanks to all the teaching staff for an extremely helpful evening

  3. Sara slawycz

    A fantastic, friendly, informative event. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and for giving us the opportunity to get to know Unsworth Primary. Looking forward to my little boy starting and working together in September.

  4. Parent

    Very excited for our youngest son to join Unsworth school! A lovely introduction tonight and interesting to hear about ‘Parent Hub’ and ‘Tapestry’.

  5. Attended brilliant information evening at the school this evening and feel very positive about Lexi joining in September.

  6. Emotional

    As if parents, especially year 6’s, aren’t emotional enough, you then go and throw two amazing performances at us, infants and juniors, you have done yourself, school, parents and carers, proud!

    And I think you just wanted audience’s full of blubbering mummys (and daddy’s) with that last junior song, “Look Inside!”

    Absolutely Amazing!

    Well Done to all at Unsworth, have a fabulous and well deserved break.

  7. Feeling emotional tonight as I apply for High School and think about my child’s progression at Unsworth! He started in year 1, extremely shy and with communication difficulties. After receiving fantastic support and encouragement, he will be leaving with confidence, a positive attitude and readiness to tackle new challenges!

    I am extremely lucky to have been shown such a wonderful school, and will enjoy this final year with my son. In his words “I wish I could stay at Unsworth,” “can I not go back to year one and start again?” and “why can’t the teachers come with me?” He is already planning to visit once he has left!

    Thank you

    • Mrs Reynolds

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. Our partnership with parents is so important and it means a lot to receive your message and to be able to share it with our school community.
      Mrs Reynolds

  8. I love what we are doing at the moment dancing singing also miming

  9. Junior Olympics yesterday, another great school event!

    All children participated and all seemed to have fun! Some amazingly well co-ordinated pairs taking part in the 3 legged race and others that laughed their way down the track! 😀

    Well Done Unsworth Juniors!

    • Sports day was really fun and I wish we could do it every week!

  10. New Parent

    Great evening for new parents,really informative,really nice to meet all of the teachers and look round the school,can’t wait for our daughter to start in September!

  11. New reception parent

    Blown away by the welcome evening ! Really feel excited for our daughter to start in September and reassured she will be absolutely fine and well looked after and educated !

  12. Mrs HK

    Thank you to Mrs Reynolds and her amazing team for a warm and informative welcome.
    Zarah and her family are very excited to be joining the Unsworth family in Sep 2016.

  13. Ross Johns

    Very impressed, Betty will be very excited to start!

  14. Manisha and Rohit Vij

    We are both looking forward to our daughter Ruhi to start in September 2016. The facilities now they have spoken about, I wish they had when we were at school. I’m looking forward to the app to down load and see how my child develops. I’m very excited to be a part of the Unsworth school community.

  15. Lauren

    My son will be starting in reception in September and after meeting all the staff tonight I honestly cannot wait! I know he will be happy here!

  16. Amarjit

    Really pleased with the evening and look forward to my child starting the school.

  17. Meg Wagman

    Great Parents Night! So looking forward to Linus joining you in September!

  18. Lovely presenting and really informative I think my child will really excel at this school and I can tell that Unsworth Primary really cares about a child’s future and their education

  19. Lauren

    Such a wonderful new parents meeting this evening. Feel like my child will be in great hands when he starts this reception year. Thank you

  20. Fantastic afternoon watching the Infant Olympics, love watching school events and all the happy smiley faces!

    Well Done Reception, year 1 and year 2!

  21. Hi Robinwood was really fun and amazing for the past 2 days we had good breakfasts and dinner and also tea. They were all amazing stuff to eat.


  23. Rebecca

    There’s been loads going on in school lately, I’ve been there more than at home – but I love it!

    50 years of unsworth, junior sports, various meetings and activities for my youngest starting, activity morning with my eldest . . . . .

    The whole school trip was “the best ever” – ideal for my transport obsessed child, I was tempted to join you, though we will be doing similar during the summer holidays.

    I love the way school get you involved with everything going on!

    My eldest started his school life elsewhere, during the process of his educational statement, we where introduced to Unsworth, and he was able to do a trial week in Reception – he absolutely loved it, my usually quite shy child, got on great and even got a birthday invite! All the children are lovely and he made some great friendships which then continued as he started in the September of year 1. It wasn’t an easy decision deciding to move schools, but I’m so glad we did! I didn’t realise how unsettled he was in his old school until he was at Unsworth for just a few weeks! We now travel over 4 miles, everyday to get there but its defiantly worth it!

    My youngest will be staring there in September and he can’t wait! He loved the settling in session and messy play today – didn’t want to come home! And as we attended activity morning with the Speech and Language Provision for my eldest, they really got him involved, as always, but that day he was able to go for a walk, with one of the teachers, to a Reception class to show them the shark he had made out of clay!

    I love the way, all the staff are genuinely happy to help and discuss anything!

    Thank you!

  24. HSB y5

    Well done ROWLING it sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  25. Emma Green

    What a busy time Unsworth Primary have had this week! We came to the reception class 15 meeting and were reminded yet again how great this school and it’s staff are. So proud. How amazing to be part of this school’s history and for the children to be involved in such a fun way too. What a great time everyone had on their whole school trip. Thanks to all the staff for making it so memorable.

  26. Louise Howarth

    After attending the reception15 meeting followed by the whole school enquiry showcase, I am so proud to say we are part of the Unsworth Primary Community. These events only reinforce our opinion that we have made the very best choice when choosing a school for our children. The past 4 years have made such a positive impact to Lola’s development and I can’t wait to start all over again in September when Amelia joins our wonderful school.

    • Mrs Reynolds

      Thank you, Mrs Howarth. It is lovely to get such positive feedback. Much appreciated!

  27. Bernard Anderson

    Came to Reception class open evening last night. The Year 6 girls made fantastic representatives of the school…we already know that the school is fantastic as Ava is in year 4 and Jasmine came through before going to Parrenthorn.
    Izzy is looking forward to Miss Ashton coming around for a play! Exciting times for our family!

  28. Sophie

    Friendly staff, lovely atmosphere and very helpful year 6 children. My little boy can’t wait to start!

  29. Lee taylor

    Daughter starts in September very impressed with the parents evening

  30. Great school our son has really enjoyed his time here so far and our little girl can’t wait to start with miss Ashton!!!

  31. Fantastic event, really enjoyed….particularly the cheese pie. Hi Lola x

  32. We are looking forward to Charlotte starting school. She is very excited and already has a zest for learning.

  33. Mr & Mrs B

    Very impressed with tonight’s presentation, really informative. Great 1st impression!!!

  34. Really looking forward to Sam coming to Unsworth, it’s a great school:)

  35. Shelley

    After tonight we are really looking forward to William coming to the school 🙂

  36. Mr Murray

    Thank you for a very nice welcome and introduction to the school!

  37. Barbara

    I just wanted to say (even though it’s a bit late!) that I thoroughly enjoyed the dance performance. It was groovy, electric, fun packed, and so entertaining that I really want to see it again. Please please can you do it again or record it for parents to buy. Funds to go to the PTA?

    On another note I wanted to say a big thank you to all of year 5, and especially Mrs Ali, for the fantastic card they made for Matthew. He has been a very poorly boy and to see his little face light up, knowing that all his friends were thinking of him made mine and his day. He is on the mend now and hoping to see every very soon.

    thanks again

    Matthew’s mum xxxx

  38. We attended the dance performance on 12 Feb. What an amazing spectacle!! Kids were brilliant and the staff were fantastic!! Costumes, lighting and choreography were awesome. Felt like we were watching a musical at the theatre Thank you all for your efforts.. Unsworth ROCKS!!!!

  39. After watching the dance show yesterday afternoon, I had to write something on here. The show was absolutely superb! It was so lovely to see every child taking part and clearly enjoying every minute. The effort you go to to create special memories and learning experiences for our children is above and beyond. You were all amazing! Unsworth really is a very special school to be part of- thank you!

  40. Clair Herstell

    The dance performance today was fantastic, I thought it was so good I had to watch it twice. It was so nice to see a school show that every year was involved in equally. I think you need to do it all over again and and film it so we can buy the DVD, I could watch it again and again. My children really enjoy bring part of it.

  41. Just wanted to say I absolutely LOVED the dance show today! The commitment you show our children, the pride and confidence you instil in them and the fun you have with them is an absolute joy to see and be part of. Well done Unsworth Primary – we are proud to be part of your school!

  42. Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the dance performance today. Everyone involved should be very proud of themselves, it was fun and uplifting and lovely to watch..

  43. Catherine Cooper

    Just watched the dance performance! Overwhelmed! Everyone looked fabulous and was fantastic! Love the school even more now and I didn’t think that was possible! Go Unsworth!

    • Joan Grimshaw

      It’s absolutely fabulous event , I enjoyed it very much, it’s a wonderful way to get information and the children are a delight and so is the school they could not have a better Headteacher than Mrs Reynalds also the teaching staff are excellent, what more can I say but Well done to all to make
      Unsworth Primary what it is today.